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News & Events 2006


December 2006
We would like to extend our deepest appreciation to the Everett Elks Lodge in Everett, Massachusetts, for the $500 donation they presented to Feel Safe Again, Inc. on Tuesday, December 19, 2006.  This donation is extremely meaningful to our organization, as it is the first charitable donation received from the Everett community.  We recently held our 2nd Annual Christmas Party at Jackson's Restaurant in Methuen, Massachusetts.  We would like to thank all of the family, friends, and volunteers who were able to attend this special event.  We would also like to take a moment to thank Granite State American Kenpo in Litchfield, New Hampshire, for offering to host a free SMART-Kid™ Project safety training to a local Girl Scout Troop.  The owner/instructor took time to teach the girls a few self-defense techniques, in order to better protect themselves.  Have a Safe and Happy Holiday! 

November 2006
We would like to extend a warm welcome to all of the newly elected and reelected board members of Feel Safe Again, Inc.  We truly appreciate your commitment to helping victims of stalking become survivors, and thank you for your continued support.  The founder of Feel Safe Again, Inc. participated in the 1st Annual Kiwanis PumpkinFest & Family Fun Day, on Saturday, October 28, 2006, in Hudson, New Hampshire.  We distributed our SMART-Kid safety coloring books, pencils, and stickers, as well as our safety rules and an information folder to parents.  If you are interested in scheduling a SMART-Kid Project safety training, please contact us at (888) 99B-SAFE or info@feelsafeagain.org. 

October 2006
We would like to take a moment to acknowledge Domestic Violence Awareness Month.  Once again this year, the founder of Feel Safe Again, Inc. participated in the United Against Domestic Violence - 4th Annual 5K Run/Walk-a-Thon in New Hampshire, in memory of her sister and on behalf of all victims.  Also, the Commissioner of the Massachusetts Department of Correction has asked the founder of FSA, to become a member of the Victim Services Council, to which she has accepted.  The Council was created to serve as an important means of enhancing services provided to crime victims.   

September 2006
For a limited time only, we are pleased to offer tickets at a special pre-buy discount for our Third Annual Benefit Dinner. This year we will be hosting the event at the King's Court & Banquet Hall in Hudson, New Hampshire, on March 10, 2007.  Tickets are being sold for $25.00 per person for an evening of dinner, dancing, and bringing awareness to the crime of stalking.  Several Massachusetts and New Hampshire public officials have been personally invited to speak at this special event.  There will also be several safety and stalking experts, and a nationally recognized television personality and author.  Please make checks payable to:  Feel Safe Again, Inc. P.O. Box 490188 Everett, MA 02149. 

August 2006
We would like to thank everyone who donated items for our recent yard sale fundraising event. With your help and generous support, we were able to raise almost $500 for our upcoming Back-to-School SMART-Kid Project. This money will allow us to offer our safety and stalking awareness training once again this year. We are also extremely grateful for the $200 in cash donations we received toward our client services and victims' emergency fund. With this, we will continue to help victims become survivors. Thank you again for your kindness and support. If you are interested in volunteering your time on our board of directors or advisory board, please submit a nomination form by October 11, 2006, for consideration.

July 2006
We will be having a "Treasure Island" yard sale fundraiser on Saturday, August 12th and Sunday, August 13th, from 9:00-3:00pm, at our 39 Library Street office in Hudson, New Hampshire.   All monies raised will be used to offer our SMART-Kid™ Project safety and stalking awareness training again this fall, as well as providing much-needed funds towards our client services and victims' emergency fund.  Unfortunately, SB 1037 was placed into a study.  We will remain committed to changing and creating new laws, by continuing our efforts to pass this bill.  As most of you know, it is far too late for our sister Sandra Berfield, but will give long overdue protection to other victims of stalking.

June 2006
We have launched our "Summertime Safety" SMART-Kid Jr. Project for toddlers, ages 3-6, and their parents. Public pools and playgrounds are fun activities for children this time of year, but they need to learn how to be safe. Our safety and stalking awareness training will teach them the safety rules, and how to trust their instincts, in order to prevent future abductions. The original SMART-Kid  Project was a wonderful success last Fall, and we would now like to offer this potentially life-saving safety training to toddlers as well. If you would like additional information, or to schedule an event in your area, please contact us at (888) 99B-SAFE or e-mail info@feelsafeagain.org.

May 2006
We would like to thank everyone who came out to show their support for victims, during the Victims' Rights events this year.  We are committed to creating positive change, providing available resources, and being a voice for all victims.  The founder of Feel Safe Again, Inc. has been asked to speak on May 19, 2006, at the 4th Annual Victim Witness Advocates Conference in Massachusetts.  She will speak on behalf of her sister, Sandra Berfield, "Sandy's Law", and the organization established in her memory.  Also, we ask that you please take a moment to help protect a beautiful memorial site, by signing a petition to save The Garden of Peace.  The Garden, which was completed in 2004 as a memorial for Massachusetts homicide victims, is being threatened by a proposal to build a 31-story dormitory and student activity center adjacent to it. 

April 2006
Please join us during National Crime Victims' Rights Week, in both Massachusetts and New Hampshire for "Victims' Rights: Strength in Unity" - April 23-29, 2006.  On Tuesday, April 25th at St. Paul's Church, in Concord, New Hampshire.  A Press conference is scheduled at 11:00am, and a memorial service at 5:30pm; which is followed immediately by a candlelight vigil.  On Thursday, April 27th, from 9:00am-3:00pm, at the Statehouse in Boston, Massachusetts.  A keynote speaker, and several public officials are all scheduled to speak.  There will also be a panel discussion and an awards presentation.  The founder and president of Feel Safe Again, Inc. and Senator Pamela P. Resor, will speak on a panel regarding the stalking of Sandra Berfield, "Sandy's Law" and the non-profit organization, which was established to help other victims become survivors. 

"These events are a time for us to reflect on our experiences and relationships with key individuals who have joined us on our path to healing and justice."

March 2006
We would like to personally thank all of the speakers, and guests who attended our Second Annual Benefit Dinner.  Once again, we raised much-needed funds, as well as public awareness.  We would also like to extend our deepest appreciation to our family, friends, and local businesses, who donated items for our silent auction and raffle.  Thank you again for your continued support! 
An Act to Prevent Harassment and Witness Intimidationhas been included in a group of bills to receive a two-week extension on reporting out of committee. Please take a moment to e-mail, call, or write the chairs and the members of theJoint Committee of the Judiciary asking them to report this bill out favorably.

February 2006
Please take a moment to review the schedule of events for our upcoming Second Annual Benefit Dinner.  Guest speakers include, Massachusetts State Senator and honorary chair for Feel Safe Again, Inc., Pamela P. Resor, George Wattendorf, Esq., former prosecutor for the Dover Police Department Anti-Stalking Unit in New Hampshire, Jayne A. Hitchcock, cyberstalking expert, founder of Working To Halt Online Abuse, and author of “Net Crimes and Misdemeanors”,  as well as a stalking survivor.  Tickets may still be purchased online.  On February 7, 2006, the founder of Feel Safe Again, Inc., was asked to speak before the Massachusetts State Police/Fire Investigation Unit, regarding the stalking and murder of her sister, Sandra Berfield.  Later that day, she also testified before the Joint Commission on the Judiciary at the State House in Boston, in support of Senate Bill 1037, An Act to Prevent Harassment and Witness Intimidation.

January 2006
We successfully launched our "End This Silent Fear" campaign once again this year to recognized the 3rd National Stalking Awareness Month.  Several stalking presentations and SMART-Kid™ Project safety trainings were given throughout Massachusetts and New Hampshire communities.  Safety kits, flyers, and awareness ribbons are being distributed to local police departments.  Our Second Annual Dinner has been rescheduled for Saturday, March 11, 2006, from 7:00-11:00pm, at the Pearl Street Station Restaurant in Malden, Mass.  There will be a mystery raffle, buffet-style dinner, and karaoke after the event.  Tickets may be purchased through our Online Store,  or send checks, for $25.00 per person, payable to: Feel Safe Again, Inc. P.O. Box 490188, Everett, MA 02149. 

For additional information e-mail  
fundraiser@feelsafeagain.org or call (888) 99B-SAFE.

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